If your friend or relative is expecting a little bundle of joy then you’re probably looking forward to the baby shower. It’s a perfect event to celebrate not only the mum-to-be but the impending arrival of her precious little one. Along with the usual games and celebrations that tend to be a huge part of baby showers these days, guests have the chance to bring a gift along for the proud parents-to-be. But, what can you get that’s thoughtful and unique, whilst making sure that your gift isn’t duplicated? Of course, there are always plenty of essentials that new parents can never have enough of, too. Here are some baby shower gift suggestions that you might like.

#1. New Baby Essentials:

If you’re not sure about what to buy, then you could always play it safe with some essentials for the new baby. Items like nappies, vests, baby outfits, socks, muslins, dummies, and a dribble bib are always going to be needed, and most new parents will want several of each item, so these are usually things that you can buy safely without having to worry about somebody else getting the same thing, as it’ll be appreciated just as much. You could even get a couple of each item and present it in a cute new baby hamper.

#2. Self-Care for Mum:

Don’t forget that it’s not just the baby who’ll be needing things after the birth; it can also be a lovely idea to get a gift just for the new mum, who’ll certainly appreciate something to pamper herself with after nine months of pregnancy and then giving birth. Soothing bath salts are a great idea, along with gentle skin lotions or nipple balm. Or you could make sure that she’s comfortable with a plush nursing pillow.

#3. Looking to the Future:

When you attend a baby shower, chances are that most of the gifts will be perfectly suitable for a newborn baby. But the truth is that babies do grow up faster than we realize and it won’t be long before the new mum and dad find themselves needing to get larger nappies, clothes, and more age-appropriate toys. So, it’s always worth getting something that they can have ready when their little one starts to grow.

#4. Nursery Décor:

If you don’t want to go down the usual route of getting baby clothes and accessories, then nursery décor can be a great alternative, especially if the expectant parents haven’t gotten to the stage where they have finished the baby’s nursery just yet. It might be a wise idea to speak to them beforehand, though, so you can get an idea of what they have in mind in terms of the décor and ensure you buy something that fits in well. Cute wall art is always a great idea, and you could even have it personalised for an added touch of unique thoughtfulness.

What kind of gifts would you want to see most at your baby shower? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.