Looking for a new sport to play? There are lots of fantastic alternatives to the more popular types with many of these rapidly growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. Playing sport can be a fantastic form of exercise and a good way to socialise, plus many of these alternatives are great fun too. Here are a few which are currently getting more popular in the UK.

Roller Derby
Roller derby is a popular sport in American which is quickly gaining traction here. It involves two teams of five roller skating around a track with the intention of one player (the Jammer) making it through a pack of skaters to complete a full lap. It is a fast, furious and full-contact sport which is good fun both to play and watch.

Lacrosse is another American sport which is now gaining traction in the UK and elsewhere. It has become very popular in universities up and down the country (the same as the USA) and it is a great team sport. It involves each player carrying a stick with a net which they must use to carry, pass, catch and shoot a ball into the opposing teamโ€™s goal. In addition to universities, it should be easy enough to find a local club that plays on a regular basis.

Ice Hockey
Ice hockey has been a sport of interest in the UK for a while but in recent years it has become hugely popular. This could be attributed to the NHL in America which has televised games in the UK and is a terrific spectator sport. Ice hockey is a fast-paced, exhilarating sport and one which can require great skill on the ice which can make it both fun and rewarding to learn. You will need to find an ice rink to get started and have a range of ice hockey equipment such as skates, a stick and protective gear, but you can easily find everything that you will need from specialists like Proline Skates.

These three alternative sports are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK and it should not be too challenging to find somewhere near you to play. The more common sports in the UK like football and rugby are not for everyone, but there are many great alternatives like this which can be a superb way to increase your fitness and meet new people in a fun and competitive setting.