Oxfam have a new campaign all about random acts of kindness. It is all about unexpected and unconditional moments of kindness and how a little kindness can make a huge difference.

Should anyone needed a reason to be kind there’s every reason why. Being kind, helping others and making others feel good about themselves, will make you feel great about yourself too. Everyone has a great day. What is not to love?

Acts of kindness can be things that you do in your own life and also your online life. Whether it is buying an extra item and popping it in the food bank at the supermarket, to commenting on a blog post you’ve read, retweeting and helping to share someone’s message or fundraising request. Smiling, saying hello, please and thank you or holding a door open for someone cost nothing. It is nice to be nice.

Every act of kindness helps. These individual acts don’t need to make a huge difference globally, but everyone could make one persons day a little better with one random act of kindness can you imagine what an amazing day that would be.

The infographic below is all about how Oxfam are helping with their #KindnessChangesLives and how all donations can literally change someone’s life completely.

Oxfam Random Acts of Kindness infogrpahic

Oxfam are constantly trying to change people’s life one person at a time, and it isn’t always about looking at a country, or culture as a whole. They work hard to offer kindness to someone on a personal level, especially to those who wouldn’t be able to afford healthcare and basic needs due to the poverty that they live in. They promote development and working at a grassroots level, helping people with the basic things that we take for granted every single day.