Dear Blog, lovely blog readers and generally all my social profiles,

Its not that I don’t love you, writing you, reading your comments, swinging by other blogs, hanging out sharing a #hashtag and pinning stuff. I do love all that stuff, I really do. I feel bad I’ve not been doing it, my absence frustrates and nags at me so I want to explain.

First my blog got hacked and disappeared, not sure how, I’m told it was a WordPress thing but I am technically inept and reliant on my clever techie guy friend to help me out, which he has and does and I am so very grateful for. Thank you Paul for putting back in its proper little place on the tinterweb.

Second I have landed some great social media projects with my business Social Boutique thank you to all the bloggers I have worked with recently, your support has been amazing. I will continue to find and share great opportunities. I am now working three to four days a week and in an office too – check me out! Interestingly I don’t have 3-4 days a week childcare which keeps life interesting – my parents and husband are keeping things running whilst we all find our new mojo. I am loving who I am working with, what I am doing and at last I am saving some £’s towards the house redevelopment – there is news and that’s coming right up in the next post!

Lil H turned 6 in April – Happy Birthday to my little dude, he had a great day and celebrations and we now have two Guinea pigs living at Lancaster Villa – called Pinkie and Sonic (Gin & Tonic was declined as a suggestion – pah!)

I’m still running, I’m up to 3km and still loving it. I’ve also had some major parties down in London celebrating some milestone birthdays – it would appear many of my friends turn 40 this year, suggests I may do too … I am in denial, lets move on! I have new shoes for this weekends bash – do you love?


So that’s what’s been going down – in a nutshell I’ve been busy working but everyone is busy, that’s just life but something had to give and it was my blogging that had to fall by the wayside.  There are some highlights to highlight and they will follow in a quick flurry of posts so bear with me … if you’re still here of course … hello? Anyone even reading anymore?!