Being a mum means that a lot of your life is spent following a routine. There are lots of good points to this, and that predictability is often accompanied with a sense of security about life because you’re settled and happy. Sometimes, though, that very predictability can leave you feeling frustrated and restricted. You might have nothing concrete to worry about, especially if you’re financially secure, but that sense of being confined by the limits of family life can sometimes lead to feelings of stress and boredom.

When you feel like that, what do you do to release the pressure valve? Here are some ideas on how you can take a break from the norm, without needing to disappear off on holiday for a whole week!

Cook for Pleasure, not Practicality
Making dinner every night can become tedious and you can certainly get the feeling that you’re on a treadmill when you’re standing there thinking about how long it is since you last served up spaghetti bolognese or if it’s too soon to make a cottage pie again. Of course, we all need to eat and feed our families, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a shortcut now and then. Make a resolution to have a couple of nights a week where you all have something simple like a pizza (bought, not homemade) and salad instead of cooking a ‘proper’ meal.
Instead, spend some time making something fun like muffins or cookies with the kids, or a really elaborate dessert, where the making and baking is more a form of relaxation rather than to fulfil a practical need to refuel.

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Get to the Root of Your Stress
Boredom and feeling tied to a routine can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. Many of us reach for a glass of wine when we want to loosen up and unwind, but why not try a different way of lightening your mood? Sometimes if you’re in a negative state of mind, being able to talk through what’s bothering you with an objective, insightful third party can be really helpful. Psychic readings help you look at life differently, and the insights that the psychic provides may help you decide what – if any – changes you need to make so that life feels less stressful. Also, if you’ve never tried a psychic reading, it’s a fun and interesting experience, and one that you can do from home as they’re really easy to organise online.

image 2Crystal ball” (CC BY 2.0) by chucknado

If your experience of a psychic reading makes you want to find out more about other holistic therapies, try attending one of the Mind, Body and Spirit (MBS) fairs that take place throughout Cheshire. You’ll have a chance to meet psychic practitioners and complementary therapists, as well as taking part in workshops as varied as Laughter Yoga and Chen Style Tai Chi. Next on the schedule is the Nantwich event on 4 and 5 March at the Civic Hall and the Crewe MBS fair is at Crewe Alexandra on 27 and 28 May.

Create Some Time That’s Just For You
As a mum, you may often feel that time is stretched and that you’re pulled every which way doing stuff for other people. Even though it may be difficult to generate some time for yourself, try and do so as it will make you feel more relaxed. Perhaps that might involve getting up half an hour before everyone else, or going to bed a little later. You might use that time to do some stretching and yoga, or to go for a 20-minute walk with the dog. Whatever you do, you’ll have uninterrupted thinking time, which can be really energising.

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Taking a break from the usual routine doesn’t have to involve booking babysitters and planning ahead. There are lots of ways you can inject a little freshness to the daily grind. Try one of them it today and see how much more positive it makes you feel.