The highlight of our October half term was a trip to London to join lots of lovely bloggers at the Guinness World Records HQ. It was great to meet some new people and always a pleasure to have a hug with some of my favourite girls who blog – looking at you Tara, Sian, Nickie, Nova and Ruth.

How things have changed since 1955 when the book of records began, starting with one of my favourite things – wine. Did you know that in 1955 the most expensive bottle of wine was £8? Yes I know just £8, the price today of an emergency corner shop bottle! Today the most expensive bottle is £75,000, I’m pretty sure I’d probably prefer the corner shop vino more so I won’t be investing.

The Professor introduced us to some genuine record breakers. The guy who built a lego robot which can solve the rubiks cube in under 5 seconds, a talented bike rider who holds the record for the most bunny hops on a bicycle demonstrated by hopping over the Professor.

Guinness World Record Bike Hoppingjpg

But it was Paul Hunn who made Lil H, Diva G and the rest of the room laugh hysterically as Paul holds the world record for the loudest burps!