New Kitchen Window Blinds

I have a big kitchen window. I have a South facing kitchen window. I also have planning permission for the new house development and it won’t be a kitchen window in the new home so I don’t want to spend much if any money! We’re saving, saving, saving! However whilst it is a lovely sunny room at times the sunshine can be completely blinding and over the Christmas break I’ve had a bit of “project-itis” and needed to do a few little makeovers. The kitchen window has been one of them, here’s the window itself …

Before:  The Kitchen Window

It’s a big window, 2.3m wide and blinds that size need to be made to measure making them expensive and I don’t want expensive. I want cheap and when I say cheap I mean as close to free as I can get! I also don’t want to lose all the natural light from the room so I decided to go for multiple blinds. Three ready made black out roller blinds, two set against the window frame to the left and right and a third set in front of these in the middle. This allows us to pull down whichever one will block the intense sunbeams leaving the others to allow the sunshine to still flood into the kitchen. You know what? It really works, look …

photo 4

photo 3

After:  The Kitchen Window

I chose grey because it works in the currently white kitchen, also grey is going to be a key colour in our future interior. My thinking is the blinds will have a future life and can be relocated as temporary window coverings when we get to that point and every penny always counts.

The grey blackout blinds came from eBay and all three cost me £35.07 delivered with all fixings and fittings. An absolute bargain if you ask me!

So there you have it, my kitchen window makeover.  On this occasion “more is more”!  Do you like?  Tell me what do you think…

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2 Responses to “New Kitchen Window Blinds”

  1. Jen aka The Mad House

    They look great

  2. suzy the excited new kitchen woman

    just done and search on google, looking for ideas for blinds and im over the moon that ive found this. after 20 years im finally having a new kitchen, its over 40 years old. i too have a big window that lets in a lot sun in the afternoon, especially when im cooking. i didnt want just one blind, i was looking for 2, but 3, look fantastic! thank you so much, cant wait to show my husband.

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