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I take a lot of photos of my children.  I am ashamed to say they mostly exist in electronic format and I do very little with them.  A few times a year I will get a batch lot printed off, usually around birthdays to update photo frames and send them to family and friends.  So when Hello Canvas got in touch and asked me to review their photo canvas I jumped at the chance.  But which picture?  I knew in my head a short list of shots I’ve taken of Lil H and Diva G that I love but making the final decision is hard.  We had a pro shoot and big canvas of Lil H when he was 6 months old, another shoot when Diva G was 6 months and Lil H was 3 years old, a scan around the living room walls told me we needed an updated photo of my gorgeous Diva.  I had recently taken a load of pics of her discovering daisies which I was really pleased with, so here is my photo canvas, what do you think?

Hello Canvas I am thrilled with it.  Everyone who has seen it loves it and thinks it must have cost a fortune.  The canvas is big (size 50 x 70cm / 20 x 28 inch), its chunky too, not a flimsy thin canvas which I think is one of the reasons it looks expensive however this photo canvas is available from Hello Canvas for £49 which includes all VAT and shipping costs which I think is really good value for money.  They do smaller sizes 8 x 12 inch for £19 which I think would make a great gift to huge 36 x 56 inches for just £99 .

I’d never heard of Hello Canvas before but I now know they are one of the largest canvas suppliers in the UK, this buying power allows them to deliver top quality for the lowest prices.  It was quick too, received in less than a week.  Having found the process super straight forward, think the pricing is great value and I love the product I am delighted to offer you the chance to update your own walls like I have mine …

Hello Canvas on Wall

Hello Canvas have kindly offered me a 24 x 32 inch photo canvas to giveaway to one of my lovely readers, as always easy peasy to enter just tell me about the photo you would have made into a canvas commenting through rafflecopter and you can have extra entries for spreading the word about Hello Canvas and the competition too.  Rafflecopter will draw the winner in a week on Monday 23rd April 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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31 Responses to “Hello Canvas Review & Competition”

  1. Bex

    I have a lot of gorgeous photos of my little man but there is one of him asleep in a giant puffy snowsuit where he looks like an angel that I would love to have blown up!

  2. Claire

    Would have to be one of Lola and her daddy, we have loads of beautiful photos of them together and she would adore it.

  3. jo

    I’d pick one of the nice photos we’ve had done of H professionally, as she’s quite photogenic when it suits her!

    That or the one of her jumping out of a box!

  4. Nickie

    I would have to choose a picture of the grandchildren. I would love a certain one blown up and this would be the idea opportunity.

  5. Amy s

    I’d use it for a picture of all my 5 together as I yet to have a picture in the house with all of them in it. The canvas looks fab hun and of course the gorgeous diva G xxx

  6. Kevin Mayers

    Obviously I’m not a mum but we’ve had 5 children & now have 4 grandchildren (with another on the way) so have a lot of experience! We have wonderful pictures of our own children together but up to now, none of all 4 grandchildren in a group. I’d love to have one like that put onto a canvas, most likely after the next one is born this summer:-) xx

  7. Jane Townson

    It would have to be a photo of my children all dressed up taken last summer.

  8. kathleen hooper

    Every year we have a family BBQ when 5 generations of the family get together. We always have a group portrait, and it’s lovely to see the little ones growing up over the years. I would have the most recent photo made into a canvas for my mum (the oldest of the family clan) as she is so proud of the family

  9. Carolin

    I would use this opportunity to get a canvas of one of the rare family photos we have. Usually, it’s either Ben or me in the picture with Amy, so one of all three of us would be brilliant x

  10. tamalyn roberts

    it would be a photo of all 3 of my children as now they are all teenagers its been hard to get a nice pic of them together. this would make me get the perfect pic and i would then display it in my living room x

  11. olivia kirby

    I have so many!! The one that sticks in my mind is Melody dressed as a pumpkin, playing in the adventure playground.

  12. Katherine Aitken

    I have a lovely photo of all my 5 children together, standing on logs on a great walk that we went on. I would use that.

  13. Kate Cunningham

    I have lots of lovely pictures of my granddaughter but one I like in particular where she is looking at my husband and it is so cute.

  14. Kerri-Ann Hargreaves

    What a fantastic competition! It would have to be a picture of George sitting on a tractor with the biggest smile. It was our first visit to a farm. We’d been stuck in for 2 weeks as he had been poorly with gastroenteritis so a very memorable trip to the farm it was! Keeping our fingers & toes crossed

  15. Laura McIntyre

    Im an not 100% sure but i have a few of all my kids that i would have to choose from

  16. Lou @ Bloggomy

    I would love to have a photo of our recent holiday put onto canvas, it’s a lovely beach shot and the sky’s blue even if we were all in jumpers! We had a great time and it would be nice to be able to remember it every time we passed by the canvas.

  17. Emma

    What a great prize. I would use it for a gorgeous picture I have of all three of us :-)

  18. Faye

    I have a beautiful picture of my daughter when she was bridesmaid at a wedding, I’d love to have that on canvas in her bedroom (which is currently undergoing redecoration and a bombsite!)

  19. Inside the Wendy House

    I’d do a photo of me and my husband and give it to him for our 15th anniversary! x

  20. Hayley

    Definitely my favourite picture of me and my two boys.

  21. Kate Buckley

    I have a gorgeous pic of my boys surrounded by balloons and we don’t have one of them together on our wall so it would be brilliant to get this one on canvas.

  22. Lorraine Davies

    My two grand children on an Easter egg hunt in my garden

  23. MissLeslieanne

    Love the photo you chose! If I won, it’d most likely be a Dylan photo I’d have done – not sure which of the eleventy billion I’d pick, would have to put in some serious thought! :D xx

  24. Elizabeth Williams

    I have lots of photos of my little man that I love but there is one recently that I really like of him on the beach. It looks like such a lovely day and little man looks so grown up

  25. Carrie Brimmell

    Oh this is probably going to sound awful on a parenting blog but since I already have a couple of beautiful canvasses of my handsome boy I’d have to pick one of my honeymoon photos. We stayed in an stunning water villa on an idyllic island in the Maldives and I took loads of photos of the amazing white sand beaches and clear blue seas, which I’ve never done anything with. I’d love to get a big canvas of one of the shots to hang in our front room as a constant reminder of the wonderful time we had there (especially when it’s miserable and rainy like it is right now in Blighty!)

  26. Steven Lee

    A scene on sandfly bay in Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand. An empty beach, our sea kayaks on the shore and clear blue waters. Such a great memory.

  27. Zoe G

    It would be a photo of my son on a go-kart, he has got all the gear on and a massive grin on his face and I have a small picture of this on display, it would look awesome on a canvas

  28. Anna Ling

    I’d choose a picture of my late Nan, dancing on New Years Eve 3 yrars ago

  29. Karen Railton

    one of my son in switzerland on holiday would make a great canvas

  30. P Phillips

    I’d love to have a large canvas of my lovely grandson.

  31. Karen Colquhoun

    i have a lovely photo with my cats snuggled up and my kids beside them which i want made into a canvas and this would be perfect :)

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