One day I will take Lil H and Diva G to Disney World in Florida and it will be magical.  That day is a long way away, they are too little for the journey, too little to remember the memories and we simply can’t afford it.  Luckily a little bit of Disney comes to the UK from time to time and last weekend we were invited by Halpern PR to see Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes at Liverpool Echo Arena.

Now I want to go to Florida more than ever because Disney gives children experiences they truly believe, experiences that make them goes “WOW”, squeal with delight and clap their hands in utter joy.  Performances that bring tears to your eyes when they look like this with just the sheer wonder of it all …

The wow moment!  Diva G at Disney on Ice

It was a beautiful day in Liverpool on Saturday, its a long time since I’ve been to The ‘Pool we tend to be Manchester focussed for events which is a bit silly when its only 40 minutes down the road and Liverpool is a fabulous, friendly place to be.  I knew we were getting close to the venue as we drove past increasing numbers of three foot tall Cinderellas, Snow Whites, Rapunzels, Ariels, Belles, some Tinkerbells as well as a few Batman, Woody and Spiderman!  Dressing up as your favourite Princess or Hero is the mass choice for the event.  As Minnie Mouse wisely advises though you don’t have to be dressed as a Princess to feel like a Princess, so we all took our bow feeling special as the show began.

The show is hosted by Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell introduces every Princess and Heroes story.  There are nine stories, with the classic songs from each tale and the show is in two parts, circa 45 mins each.  We started in the market place with Aladdin finding his true love Jasmine, followed by Snow White (my personal favourite princess!), then it was off to the castle to meet Belle before heading under the sea to meet Ariel and her sisters.  The rink, set, costumes were just like the films and the skating was beautiful …

Disney on Ice

I loved the “Under the Sea” performance with Ariel, Flounder and co which had bubbles falling down around all the skating fishes, after Ariel and Eric has broke the evil Ursula’s spell it was off to the Bayou to see Tiana and Naveen from The Princess and the Frog.  From the modern Disney to the classic Sleeping Beauty, this was both Lil H and Diva G’s favourite part of the show which involved a huge, real, fire breathing dragon – real flames, real fire!  Not a bit of a flame, I mean big heat you can feel in the audience and on ice – just amazing.  You couldn’t call a show Princesses and Heroes and not feature Cinderella, the Princess of all Princesses and indeed she was granted her wish to go to the ball.  Having proved wishes do come true it was time to say goodbye, Minnie and Mickey Mouse had changed into exceptionally sparkly numbers for the finale.  The whole cast skated on for “When you wish upon a star” Tinkerbell rose up and spun round in Cinderella’s carriage, magic dust and sparks flew and the lights went down and it was over.  A truly magical experience which we all loved.  A huge thank you to Disney on Ice  and Halpern PR  for inviting us.

We would definitely recommend going to see Disney on Ice we saw the Princesses and Heroes show but they tour with others, I am sure we will see more before we get to Florida!  Disney on Ice, Princesses and Heroes is at Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you can get tickets here