I’ve been tagged by some lovely bloggers, Kate from What Katies kids did next, Something Blue, and T-J from Bras4Mums. The meme is to reveal seven things you wouldn’t know about me & tag 15 bloggers – I am going to struggle with the 15 but I’ll have a go. So here you are seven things about me…

1. I wanted to be a pilot & was accepted to BA’s pilot cadet scheme only for it to be scrapped. So I went to Uni.

2. My AMEX card for years had the name Princess Claire on it, I travelled well, enjoyed many upgrades & a few American gentlemen *may* believe they have kissed a real princess.

3. I lived in California, Santa Cruz to be exact, for a while back in 1994. I worked as a fun fair ride operator in California, learnt to surf & hung out with rad surfer dudes.

4. I hate honey, the taste, the texture, I hate honey! Not a big fan of bees either but if they don’t bother me I don’t bother them. Wasps on the other hand – zero tolerance!

5. I’m a bit of a cosmetic & make up Queen – love trying all things new & make up / skin care related. Bobbi Brown, Mac, YSL, Dr Hauska & many more I *heart* you!

6. I love skiing. I learnt to ski & skied for years in Colorado. Winter & snow holidays & can’t wait to take H & G. For the record I don’t like snow outside of ski resorts. That’s where snow belongs. End. Of.

7. I am sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, but always frightened of horses.

Lots of bloggers have done this meme so if you need some writing inspiration & want a go consider yourself tagged! I would love to read seven things about: