Back in July we went for our first viewing of the, in my opinion, awesome Toy Story 3 

Below is My Lil’ H and his best mate Woody waiting, I’ll be honest not that patiently, by the front door to go and see the movie for the first time. 

I have been twice and Lil’ H has been 5 times every time delighted to be the excuse for a wide selection of grown ups to go and see the movie.  We now have every feasible Toy Story 3 related product, of course we have the toys Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Zurg, Slinky Dog, Mr Potatoe Head – boy ones, medium sized and little versions.  After the obvious we have the fancy dress outfits, Buzz wings, T-shirts, under pants, duvet & pillow, the kitchen towel, tissues, even drinks and yoghurt’s – Lancaster Towers is as close to a Disney Pixar production as you can get without heading across the Atlantic!

At last the email I have been waiting for from the Mouse has landed with the exciting news that the DVD release date has been announced and Toy Story 3 will be available on Disney Double Play, Triple Play and DVD all with lots of great extras from Monday 22nd November 2010

I have to admit I cried at the movie, of course the reality that my own children are growing up and eventually will feel the nest but also I’m not sure I was always that nice to my own toys.  My doll Francesca (is it just me that thinks this is a slightly odd name for a child to choose for a toy?) where is she now?  I remember finding her once underneath my little brothers bed being held hostage by Eagle Eye Action Man – eek toy torture!

So did what did you think of the movie?  Did you too cry at the movie?  Were you kind to all your toys all of the time?