“The what?”  I hear you cry!  Puj Tub (pronounced “pudge tub”) Never heard of it?  Well me neither!  So please allow me to introduce you to the Puj Tub

I’ve mentioned before my local Wilmslow pal Becky who set up Lord & Lady Tantrum with a toddler and baby twins, well Lord & Lady Tantrum has also just become the UK Exclusive provider of the US baby product hit the Puj Tubs.  Luckily for me just as I was heading off to Egypt the first of her stock landed.  Whilst Baby G was at the top end of its age range for use at 5 months old I also knew there are no baths in Egypt, not a problem with a toddler but a bit trickier with a baby so I borrowed one for our trip. 

Here’s how I would describe the Puj Tub, it is bascially light flat foam shape with hidden magnetic clasps which folds it into a cradle to sit in the sink allowing baby to be easily, safely & comfortably be bathed in the sink without mum having to bend down.  But the best way to explain the Puj Tub is to show you, I had thought about vlogging this but then I found this much better looking chick clip doing just that on You Tube and frankly she’s way better looking than I could ever hope to be! 

I can understand why this product is a big hit stateside, its a great idea!  Its really soft for baby and really easy for mum.  If you’ve just had a c-section or have any back or knee problems this is going to make a big difference to the first six months with baby. 

My family and the family we were holidaying with used the Puj Tub and whilst both our babies were at the top end of the age range at 5-6 months is was really useful and we could both see how useful it would have been if we’d discovered it when our babies were younger.  From a travelling perspective it was no bother in terms of space or weight to lie it in the case and from a storage perspective when both on the road or at home it takes up absolutely no room whatsoever by being simply hung up on the back of the bathroom door.  Compared to any other baby bath or seat I have used they are all like an extra piece of bathroom furniture.  It’s a great idea and one I am bit disappointed to discover at the end of my opportunity to use it.  The Puj Tub was a real help on holiday in a hot country without baths as showering a baby I always find is a two man job – one to shower with baby and the other to pass baby over to dry.  Having it meant that I could go and get Baby G and I changed and ready for the evening and Lil’ H and Daddy could stay in the pool or at the beach.

The Puj Tub is suitable from newborn to 6 months old, or up to 17 lbs and available to buy online exclusively in the UK from Lord and Lady Tantrum for £49.95 with Free UK Delivery.