Mr L and I had our first night out, just the two of us, since the chaos that ensued as our family became a family of four.  We headed to a local haunt, Boca Restaurant & Bar in Wilmslow – they do seriously ACE cocktails – fact! 

After our well deserved G&T’s made with Bombay Sapphire, of course!  We enjoyed two bottles of great wine, a really fab meal.  Mr had ribs and I had Argentinian steak which really did melt in the mouth and I can’t recommend the Boca mess dessert highly enough, I have it every time I go.   Then the best bit – 30% off the food – result!  That will afford more than another few G&T’s for me then! 

This isn’t a sponsored post, I went, I liked it, I wanted to share my thumbs up for Boca and the news that there is currently 30% of all food, all week, so babysitters providing we shall be back, hope to see you there! 

Claire x