The run up to the general election is unavoidable.  The only time voting had any appeal was when I was 16/17 and I desperately wanted to do it because it wasn’t allowed and couldn’t.  It was on the same list as driving, buying booze & going in pubs.  Unlike those though it lost its appeal pretty quickly – for one thing it involved going back to school! 

By the time I was 25 I was pretty much completely disenchanted, voting was a chore, I couldn’t decipher any clear difference between have one candidate or party.  I’m a big stickler for making informed decision, that’s a bit of a mantra for me in all aspects of my life.  Whatever the situation, whatever the problem, understand the options, understand the implications and make a decision, it might not be right but it will be an actively informed choice.  I found I couldn’t make a decision when it came to my vote.  To be honest I couldn’t understand the positions of politicians anyway they would change and rarely would the promises made be delivered upon.  That’s just my opinion, if they were no one made the same level of effort to let me know as they did trying get my vote.  Maybe I am a polital customer with a customer service issue?!

Anyway back to the actual vote.  I don’t know what or if anything specifically prompted me to do what I have done for the last 10+ years but I had my voting “thing” through the door, I went to the primary school, I got my ballot paper and I just stood there staring at it.  I didn’t know who to vote for, in fact I had no good reason to vote for any of them.  I lived in a flat in London no one had canvassed me, no one had compelled me, I thought they were all much of a muchness and so I voted … for them all!  I placed a cross against all six candidates one by one X X X X X X 

My ballot paper looked like it was sent with lots of love which made me smile as it has done for every local and general election since then.  I go, I vote, I vote, I vote & I keep voting for everyone running.  I fold, my ballot paper, I post my ballot paper and I smile, its my own in secret with myself (and now you too!)  I don’t make uninformed decisions and the election is no different so I deliberately spoil my ballot paper.  Why bother?  Why not just not go?  Well I feel the efforts and sacrifice a certain Manchester girl, Emmeline Pankhurst and her the other Suffragettes including Emily Davison made for me 100 years ago to get me the opportunity to vote deserve me to get off my ass and continue what they fought for.  So that is why for the last 10+ years I use but spoil my vote. 

This year its different.  This year I will be voting and this year there is only one X on offer and its going to … well that would be telling.  Anyway I haven’t made my mind up yet but one party I am standing up and shouting about is the most fabulous of all Dulwich Mum’s Fabulous Party I’ve also suggested a minsterial post for myself as Secretary of State for Enjoyment – bringing simple pleasure back to the 21st Century (manifesto in progress!)

So are you with me?  Easy peasy do all or any of the following:

  • Have the poster on your blog.
  • Follow this Twitter List
  • Post a Blog entry

And you too can make everything just a little more fabulous, why? because you’re worth it….