Lofts are great features to have in a property, but they can often be overlooked. Whether they are used for storage or to be converted into an additional room, they are desirable features in homes because of this extra space that you can work with. However, if access to your loft space isnโ€™t great, this can result in this area of your home being under-utilized and going to waste. So, if you want to make sure your loft is serving a purpose for your property, here are some ways to improve access to this area.

Make Sure the Entrance is Cleared

If you are using your loft as storage, it can be easy for this space to become cluttered quickly. Always make sure that the space around the entrance hatch to your loft is clear. This is important, not only for ease of access, but also for safety purposes. The last thing you need is a box of Christmas decorations or something else falling on you anytime you try to get into your attic.

Get a Built-in Loft Ladder

Even if you have a ladder at home already, having to carry it up the stairs with you each time you want to enter the loft can be a pain. Therefore, looking at getting folding loft ladders installed is a worthwhile investment. All you need to do is open your loftโ€™s hatch to pull down this ladder and youโ€™ll be up in the attic space in no time. It helps to save on space and greatly improves the ease of access to your loft.

An Exterior Stairs Leading to Your Loft

This will not be a suitable option for every property, but it is worth considering. Having an exterior staircase leading to your loft from the alley in your garden could be a great way to improve access, and might be a sensible choice if you are converting your loft into an additional bedroom or home office. This is because having this exterior entrance to this space can make your home more private, particularly if you are having guests or employees coming in and out. This will be a costly project, however, but under the right circumstances, it might be the better choice for you.

Flooring in the Loft

Not all lofts will automatically come with suitable flooring, and some simply have the support beams of your roof and the insulation resting on the ceiling of your upper floors. If you want to use your loft space, you do need to make sure it has proper flooring that you can walk on and place boxes and other items safely. You should be able to see whether this is in place by having a quick look in your loft, but you can ask a property surveyor to check this when you are purchasing a property, or hire a contractor to look at it for you if youโ€™re unsure.

If you want to improve the access you have to your loft so that you can utilize this space, consider the points above and see if they can help you.