Sometimes you might struggle to figure out what to do with those narrow hallways in your home – the high traffic areas with little space for furniture can be a nightmare to accessorise without overwhelming the space or appearing cluttered. Here are some tips on how to make the most of these areas.

Make use of the wall spaces.

The best way to decorate a smaller space is to hang art or prints on the walls – so as not to take up any of the limited floor space. The stairs are a popular place to hang photos but by using photo wall tiles, like the ones from Hello Canvas, you can fit a photo collage into any shaped space but slotting the hexagonal tiles together or getting creative with square and circle tiles to create a unique photo gallery. Mirrors are also a great choice for these areas because they help to expand the space a little and can reflect light to brighten up a landing that might be lacking in natural light. A mirror by the front door is also a functional choice as you can spruce yourself up before you leave the house or after you get in from a long day at work.

Decorate your stairs and bannisters.

It is a slippery slope when opting to decorate your railings and bannisters as it can easily become tacky or overwhelming. But simple fairy lights wrapped around the stairs’ railing, or an understated floral chain can create a cosy, country cottage look. This works better with wooden bannisters and a favourite of ours is the use of orange and red leaves to achieve an autumnal look. But if your house has a more modern style to it them you can maintain this sleek look with small up lights or bolder LED lights along your stairs.

Plants, plants, plants!

Plants can fit in any and every room. They breathe life into even the dingiest and most bland rooms. You can put a simple but elegant cheese plant in any available corner or you can opt for more colourful and uplifting flowers to bring some sunshine indoors. You can fit some simple shelving to place your plants on, fit narrow sideboards in any space that is big enough or they can sit on window sills – they fit in all those gaps that seem otherwise unusable.

Take advantage of high ceilings.

The high ceilings can be used to hang extravagant light fittings or hanging sculptures – they work as an excellent centre focus and negate the need for any additional décor items. Large hanging fixtures fill up that pesky empty space over the stairs without overpowering the room or taking up unnecessary space. If you put up a low hanging light fitting this can really help to spread the light and prevent any dark, dingy corners – and as landings typically do not have much natural light coming from windows it is important to focus on lighting and do what you can to brighten up the space.