There is no joy like decorating your house just the way you like it. Your living room is one of the most important areas in your home and it is the room where you spend most of your time as a family. The living room also sees a lot of guests and entertains them. Whether you are hosting a party, celebrating a birthday, eating, watching a movie, or arguing over something, the living room is witness to it all. The room should reflect your style and personality but if there are kids in your home, it may not be possible to decorate it the way you want. There are certain things you need to keep in mind when kids are around. The room should be a safe space for them while reflecting your style and choices. Here are a few tips to help decorate your living room keeping the kids in mind.

  1. Build an open living room layout

You must keep in mind that your kids need space to play. While the living room is the heart of your home, it should not restrict the movement of your children. If the couch is placed right in the middle of the room, it could restrict the kid’s movement. You can move it slightly back or place it near a window. This will immediately open up space and make the room look larger. You can also place a large rug in the middle of the room so that it does not look empty after moving the couch. Keep the color theme of the room in mind when choosing the rug. You can also use ottomans and bar stools in the room to add seating space.

2.  Use child-friendly furniture

It may be challenging to choose furniture that is child-friendly and also appeals to the decor style of the home. However, it is very important to use child-friendly furniture to keep the little one safe at all times. You may want to close the fireplace mantel for some time. If there is a shelf in the room, place your child’s books and toys on the lowermost shelf so there is a go-to place in the living room. You can find a lot of furniture that meets the height requirements and also blends with the decor in terms of the wood and color scheme. You must also ensure that the windows are open and allow ample sunlight in the room during the day.

3.  Opt for tables with storage

With kids, there is so much you have to manage and too much to store. You can slip extra storage space in your living room with tables and benches that have storage. When you are looking for furniture, look for coffee tables that have shelves or benches that open up. Besides storing your things, your kids will have a lot of space to use frequently. You can keep their books, toys, or crafts that they need daily. It can also be easily put away when they no longer need them. Your living room will look a lot more organized with the extra storage space.

4.  Use durable fabrics

There will be spills and there will be dirt. Irrespective of how hard you try to stop it, there will be some accident at a point and you will have to learn to handle it. You must choose durable upholstery fabrics for your living room. It is always better to opt for engineered fabrics as compared to natural ones when it comes to wear and tear. Leather is one material that can stand up to anything. So whatever you decide to buy, do a little research and ensure that the fabric will survive in the home.

5.  Avoid edgy furniture

The best way to make a room safe for your kids is to avoid edges. Anything sharp can hurt your little one and it could lead to a major injury. Try to eliminate sharp corners and opt for a round table. You might not want all the tables in your home of the same shape but choose a round coffee table for the living room. It usually remains the center of the room and is the one kids could easily get injured by.

These are a few tips to decorate your living room while keeping kids in mind. You do not need to make a lot of changes or incur huge expenses for the same. Just small but significant changes will add storage space and will keep your little one safe. When there are kids in the house, you need to remember that they need space and all the space they have will be theirs. So place the furniture accordingly and choose the right fabrics for your living room.