Everybody has a dream budget for their home renovation or redecorating project. But most people have to start simple. If you’re on a tight budget, but want a new look for your home, the idea of spending money on a professional decorator, or redecorating yourself, may seem daunting. It shouldn’t. With a little organization, and a few tips from the pros, you can make your home feel brand new at any budget.

How To Get Organized

First, try rearranging your furniture. A new configuration is often all that’s needed to make a drab space feel new again. At the very least, it can help you figure out which pieces you have, and what you might need to replace. And all without spending a dime!

Next, think about the project you want to tackle. If your budget is tight, you probably can’t get everything done at once. Setting realistic goals is a good way to ensure you don’t get discouraged, and also that you don’t prologue the project, adding more and more, which inflates the price. So know your budget, and what you’re trying to take on, and set an end date.

Think about what you want for the room. Do you need it to be more functional? Do you want to evoke a particular mood, or pay homage to a certain style or era? Remember, no matter what you do, your home should be a functional space for your family to live in. So think about your family, and your personal needs, and then think about what you want for the space.

Top Budget-Friendly Design Tips

Once you have a clear idea of what you want, in terms of color scheme, mood, and functionality of the room, it’ll be a lot easier to avoid spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. With a plan in place, follow these tips to save money on your redecorating.

  • If there’s a design element you really love, don’t be afraid to spend on it. For example, if you really love a particular type of wool rug, you should place it in a prominent position in the space. There are always cheaper design elements you can use in other areas of your decor. Buy cheaper in the areas that are less important to you personally. Remember, it’s your space.
  • Refurbishing old furniture or decor is a great way to breath new life into distinctive pieces. From eclectic and artistic, to classy on a budget, you’re sure to find something you can work with if you’re not afraid to look in secondhand shops.
  • Sometimes, you can achieve a whole new look with surprisingly little effort. Paint a wall, or the whole room. Choose a new wallpaper or border, and you might find it takes a lot less to get you most of the way to your bold new look.
  • Choose the right lighting. Design experts set a mood by creating pockets of ambient lighting at varying levels of height, and various intensities. Instead of keeping all your lights at one level, mix it up with ceiling, desk, and floor lamps. Save money by using a dimmer switch to change intensity, or a lamp with multiple bulbs.
  • Use mirrors to make the most of your space. Mirrors can draw attention to distinctive artwork, and beautiful views. They have the added bonus of opening up any space, and making it look bigger. If you’re on a tight budget, and in a small space, a mirror can give you the feeling you’re looking for.

It’s surprisingly easy to redecorate on a budget. You may want to go beyond simply rearranging your furniture, but sometimes, just having a fresh perspective can help you keep clear exactly what you want. And good planning will save you money in the long run.Β With a little organization, and a few tips from the pros, you can make your home feel brand new on any budget whether you are staying put,Β or preparing a house for sale.