CBeebies makes pretty much a daily appearance at this house, sometimes its for an appropriate use, lunchtime followed by quiet time “Driver Dan and his storytrain” for Lil H and “3rd & Bird” for Baby G helps keep life on an even keel.  Sometimes its a necessity *cough* a work phone call *cough* but needs must and that is why my littlies recognised a number of the tracks on the CBeebies Song Time Album which we received to review. 

CBeebies Song TimeWe have been listening to the CD for about a week now, Baby G (13 months)  really enjoys having music on and definately recognises her fave shows *hangs head in parenting shame*

Especially “3rd and Bird”, “Timmy Time” and “Gigglebiz” personally I’d had enough of Justin 5 mins into the first episode I ever saw … which is unfortunate given my viewing level must now be in the hundreds!

Lil H (3.5 years old) enjoys having a boogie with mummy whenever we have the CD on, I struggle to throw some shapes to the majority of the tracks but we have had a giggle to it.

H wanted to hear the “Octonauts” which was typical as that themetune must be the only one on the schedule not on the double CD!  If you haven’t discovered them and have a pre-school boy at your house they are big news in the viewing preferences at Lancaster Towers!

We enjoy having music at home, the background music seems to keep screen time down on most days.  Its a double CD with 50 tracks so plenty of audio to play, each track is short as they are the actual show theme tunes, my mini’s recognised their favourite shows.  I’d have liked the in between show songs to be on there you know the one … Summer, summer, summer time …. *twirls umbrella & dances around the living room like a loon*

You can buy CBeebies Song Time at Amazon and all good online and high street retailers a great easy to post Christmas pressie or stocking filler.