There are many places in Windsor that are often confused as being in London. It’s no surprise as the royal family have close ties with this county and it is based along the River Thames. In fact, it’s recognised as the ‘Royal County of Berkshire’, which is in part due to the existence of Windsor Castle. Set to the west of London, this is not only a place of stunning natural beauty, but also a town that is packed with endless activities and sites to see.

Enjoy its culinary diversity

Windsor not only has buckets of charm, but also plenty of places to eat. This town in particular seems to excel at traditional British food, offering a refined taste of what it means to be a Brit. Just browsing through the Corner House menu, for example, showcases what is possible when you combine seasonal produce and famous restaurant staples. Among the charming shop fronts you will find everything from fine dining, cosy Italian diners and cuisines from across the globe.

Visit Windsor Castle

If there’s anything that will capture children’s imaginations when visiting Windsor it’s the town’s most famous building. Windsor Castle has many historic claims, namely that it is not just the biggest inhabited castle in Britain, but also the world. It has been in continuous occupation for over 900 years, which also entitles it to an extra world record. The Queen often resides here, which is a great talking-point on a family day out. Look out for the Royal Standard flag when you’re there, if you see it fluttering above the Round Tower that means her majesty is currently spending her time there.

When you get your ticket for Windsor Castle, don’t forget to go and see St George’s Chapel. Not only is this included in the price, but it is a stunning example of 15th century gothic architecture. Many royals have been buried here over the centuries, so it’s a great place to visit for a bit of a history lesson.

Windsor Great Park

If you have visited Windsor to get a brief break from the hectic city life of London, then there’s no better place to visit than Windsor Great Park. You’ll get to enjoy over 4,800-acres of greenery and walks that are perfect for soaking up views of the British countryside. This is the perfect place to take kids as there are allegedly red deer that openly roam the park – even in view of visitors. Their friendliness even extends to allowing pictures to be taken with them.

Just like Windsor Castle, this park has a double-up attraction too. Part of Great Park is Savill Garden. This manicured garden is home to stunning rose beds, themed gardens and even a restaurant and shop. There are also elevated walkways to enjoy the views.

Windsor is a place that isn’t lacking in charm. It’s the ideal town to visit if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air but also plenty to do; which of course is paramount when you have children in tow.

Planning a fun family day out in Windsor