The guest room in your home may often become tired and forgotten about if you haven’t entertained friends or family in a while. Why not spruce it up this year with a few of these top tips!

Keep the décor simple, tasteful and timeless

If you have decorated your guest room in an out there theme, in your own personal taste of fabrics, colours and kick knacks that only inevitably gather dust, then maybe now is the time to revisit and redecorate!

Creating a calming and neutral space will allow your guests to sleep easier and feel a little more at home. Think neutral coloured walls such as greys or off whites, and simple and clean décor like complimentary coloured cushions and prints for the walls. By creating a clean and timeless look, it means you’ll not likely have to change the space for a long time!

Provide an empty wardrobe or dresser

Often very overlooked pieces of furniture for a guest room, however, your visiting relatives or pals may want to hang up some of their clothes if they are bringing shirts, dresses or jackets. Equally they may want to pop any t-shirts or underwear away neatly somewhere instead of living out of their suitcase or weekend bag.

By having a wardrobe or dresser in your guest room, you can also use this to house any extra linen and towels ready for your guests to use.

Ever thought about providing miniature toiletries?

It sounds a bizarre notion, but how many times have you visited family or friends and forgotten your toothbrush or shampoo? Miniature toiletries don’t cost the earth and are a great little addition to your guest room.

Add a spot of hotel luxury to your space and leave your visitors a mini shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and toothbrushes and toothpaste – they’ll be super grateful and feel extra special when they come to stay!

Don’t forget about technology

No one travels without at least their phone when they head away anywhere, so why not provide a spare phone and/or USB charger in the room? You can pick up a universal charger from Amazon or eBay online and it’s a great inexpensive addition to your guest room.

Live in an area with terrible service? Get some little business cards printed with your Wi-Fi password on. You won’t need many and you can design them for free on websites such as Vistaprint. It’s annoying to have to repeat a lengthy password that’s made up of an obscene sequence of letters and numbers, so leaving it on a card for your guests will save a lot of hassle.

Creating the perfect guest room is no easy task, but with these top tips you’ll be well on your way to designing a comfortable and practical space for your visitors.

Image by idunlop on Pixabay