Bedroom feeling a little lack lustre? Perhaps it’s more of a bed in a room, than a calm, inviting haven to relax and recharge. Here are seven things you can do quickly and in expensively to create a brand new bedroom.

Bright and beautiful 
Lighting is the secret to success in any room and good lighting creates a tranquil atmosphere in a bedroom. Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping but not much else. Opt for multiple sources of light to achieve brightness when needed. Go for a central light or spotlights on dimmer switches and avoid shades on lamps or lights that are too opaque to allow the light to diffuse into the room. Consider where you place your lights, don’t install lights directly over the bed as direct light from overhead is less comfortable than soft light at face level.

7 Quick and Easy Ways To Update Your Bedroom Boutique Lighting

Bedlinen beauty
New bedlinen makes a world of difference. Choose natural and organic materials for your bed linens to help combat allergies and aid better sleep. Cotton, silk and other natural fibres are breathable, allowing ventilation that draws moisture away from the body. Investing in high quality cotton bed linen can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep with its natural temperature-regulating qualities, keeping us warm in winter and cool in the summer. Coral tones give a lovely summery feel to a bedroom and blues shades work well to create a coastal feel.

Aria Coral Bohemian Easy Care Reversible Duvet Set from Julian Charles

Leon Blue Easy Living Reversible Bed Set from Julian Charles

As a finishing touch, add a lightweight throw at the end of the bed and switch it over to a soft cosy faux fur throw when the winter months arrive.

Pile on the pillows
To achieve the boutique hotel look in your boudoir hold back on a mountain of pillows, two sets of two matching bed pillows create a chic look for your bed. Don’t overlook what’s inside your duvet cover and pillow case. The quality of your bedding is important for a great night’s sleep. Make sure your pillows are plump, it’s recommended that pillows should be replaced every two years, so the seasonal sales is always a good time to update your bed.

Window dressings
Spring/Summer is an ideal season to update bedrooms with a fresh new look. It’s also a time when warmer weather and lighter evenings can contribute to loss of sleep. Changes in temperature, lighter evenings and more allergens can signify that uncomfortable nights and poor sleep lie ahead. Help to regulate sleep patterns with blackout blinds or curtains with a heavy lining. They’ll block natural light and help trick the body into believing it’s night time.

Tread softly
To create a more pulled-together look, add an area rug that measures about 30 to 60cm on either side of the bed. Make sure that your bedside table can fit comfortably on the rug for a balanced bedroom look.

Mirror, mirror
My favourite additional to any bedroom is a mirror. It brings adds sparkle and light to any room and adds instant depth to smaller spaces making them feel larger. Full-length mirrors work well on the back of doors to save space and useful to make sure that outfit is ‘on point’ before heading out the door!

Wonder wall
A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest – and most inexpensive – ways to revitalise your bedroom. Introducing a feature accent wall, particularly behind the bed, whether it’s paint or wallpaper it creates a focus for the room and acts like an super-sized bedhead. When I updated my bedroom earlier this year I went for a feature wall in Dulux’s colour of the year Denim Drift and reupholstered the headboard by simply wrapping a new grey crushed velvet fabric. So easy and looks great – what do you think?

7 Quick and Easy Ways To Update Your Bedroom