Give the gift of Y.O.U underwear this Christmas and you can help women and children in Africa who don’t have the luxury of clean underwear every day. 

What a lovely idea – give a gift that does some good this Christmas. The range includes men’s trunks and bikinis, boy shorts, thongs and bralettes for women, all of which are ethically made from super soft 100% organic, Fairtrade certified cotton that is breathable, long lasting and kind to skin.

Y.O.U stands for Your Own Underwear, and a proportion of every purchase goes directly to help support poor communities in Africa via Smalls for All, a Scottish based charity working directly with those in need.

There are some great Christmas gift ideas.

Y.O.U underwear and pouch, £15 
A pair of Y.O.U underwear, that arrive all wrapped up in this ‘you make a difference’ pouch, is £15 available from Y.O.U. underwear and pouch

Three pairs of Y.O.U undies, any combo or style, all wrapped up and delivered in time for Christmas.

Choose from men’s trunks or bikinis, boy shorts, thongs for women. £40 available from

Three pairs of Y.O.U undies (choose from men’s trunks or bikinis, thongs or boy shorts for women) plus a FairWear Foundation travel bag, £85 from

Sarah Jordan from Y.O.U underwear says: “During a volunteering trip to Uganda in 2016, we saw first hand the impact of women and children not having access to underwear. Many were excluded from school, work or even their community, especially during their periods.

“That is why we’ve launched Y.O.U – to tackle the very real issue caused by a lack of underwear. Y.O.U is Your Own Underwear as we believe everyone should have exactly that. Support Y.O.U and help change the world one pair of pants at a time!

Y.O.U. underwear Co-Founders, Sarah Jordan and Lily Chong

“Y.O.U has a buy one give one model, where every product you buy for yourself helps provide underwear to people in need. Y.O.U underwear has partnered with specialist Scottish charity Smalls for All to meet this commitment. Smalls supports vulnerable women and children in Africa with access to the basic necessities of underwear, so this partnership will directly help provide underwear to people in need.

“Underwear is something so simple and that we take for granted every day, but not having access to it actually has a much bigger impact that you think.

“We believe that if we all make just a small change we can collectively have a huge impact, and even changing something as simple as your underwear can make a difference”.

For more info and to support their crowdfunding campaign visit