Towards the end of the school holidays I was invited by to attend an interactive event hosted by Dyson and Curry’s PC World. It’s been a  l o n g  time since I’ve been to a blogger event but I’m a big fan Dyson’s innovative products. My girl and I head off to MOSI excited to explore more about the technology behind their latest products with some of the engineers involved in developing them.

When I think of Dyson I think of well engineered vacuum cleaners. However since their market changing bagless vacuum, Dyson have continued to revolutionise home appliances. Expanding into fans, heaters and air purifiers – there is even a hairdryer! We were able to get hands on with three of the latest products, allow me to introduce you to them …

Dyson hand held cord-free vacuum dyson-technology-hand-held-cord-free-vacuum-easy-for-children

This is a great piece of kit. Lightweight and easy to use single handed. So light and easy to use, as you can see my six year old is a dab hand, genuinely she could change the attachments and really loved using it.


The Dyson hand held cord-free vacuum was also an over achiever on all surfaces. We tested it on wooden floor, carpet and tile.  You feel the uber power of this hand held with twice the suction of any other cord-free stick vacuum. My concern with all things hand held is charge and battery life so it was reassuring to know that its battery would last around 45 minutes – more than enough to do a whole house.

Dyson Cinetic Big Balldyson-technology-big-ball-vacuum-cleaner

This cylinder vacuum solves a problem most of us have faced when using a traditional cylinder vacuum on wheels. Trying to extend the reach of the cord to avoid unplugging from the living room to the hall or beyond, you get yourself all in a knot, eventually the vacuum cleaner gives up and falls over in a pitiful state on the floor. Then you then have to trundle back over to get it back on its feet. It makes the chore of vacuuming even more frustrating and chore-some.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Cylinder vacuum is un-knock-over-able! The engineering brains achieved this by putting all of the components inside a spherical array, with the heaviest components close to the floor. The low centre of gravity then means that when the vacuum takes a tumble, gravitation forces return it to its upright resting position with minimal fuss. Genius! Have a look for yourself at how it self rights, how clever is that?

Dyson Pure Cool™ Link Towerdyson-pure-cool-air-purifier-fan

The Dyson Pure Cool Link doesn’t look like any fan you’ve seen before. There’s no blades, and no air grilles – the main design feature is the hole in the middle, supported by a cylinder at the bottom, which is where the fan is hidden. What makes the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower so unique is that it automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants, even the teeny tiny ones as small as 0.1 microns from the air and it reports back and can be controlled using an app on your smart phone. We made pin wheel fans to put the power to the test, impressive and importantly very quiet indeed.

We both loved the event with Dyson and Curry’s PC World, I really understood the simple principles that are the basis of the innovative technology that is revolutionising home appliances. Thanks so much for inviting us.