The mother of all roast dinners, the Christmas dinner is less than a fortnight away. We are heading to my parents for ours this year, she has offered, who wouldn’t say yes? I’ve cooked Christmas dinner a few times now and I make a mean Sunday roast, so when Oven Pride asked me to put a celebrity chef’s roast dinner recipe through its paces I jumped at the chance to shake up my “usual” Sunday roast choices.
(Disclaimer: Recipe book and voucher supplied towards the cost of ingredients).

We have a Sunday roast dinner a couple of times of month. Like many families in 2014 we don’t have Sunday roast every week religiously, like tonight for example we had lasagne. I’m not alone with nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of British parents like me, who could look forward to a weekly Sunday roast at home when they were young, fewer than a third (29 per cent) of families are now eating it on a weekly basis.

I was asked to cook Gordon Ramsay’s roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and red wine gravy. Typically we are more of a chicken, pork or lamb roast dinner so a definite step away from the usual. I served it with roast potatoes, glazed carrots and broccoli. There were a lot of ingredients – just getting everything out to begin took my clean, clear and tidy kitchen to one with full worktops! I managed to stay on top of cleaning up along the way but there’s no tidying up as you go along when it comes to the final 45 minutes when everything has to be pulled together and served up.

Here’s what the four hours of Sunday lunch in the making looks like condensed down to 2 minutes in this time lapse video:

The finished result – it tasted as good as it looked too, if I say so myself!

Sunday dinner

The food was delicious, the kitchen a mess and the oven was dirty to start with so now was in even more of a need of cleaning. I have to confess to being an outsourcer when it comes to oven cleaning, however at £50 a go I can always find a better way to spend £50, oddly enough! Given I can buy 10 bottles of Prosecco for the cost of an oven clean I will most certainly be putting the bottle of Oven Pride to use before Christmas, or the oven will be smoking my Christmas guests out of the heart of my home whilst I heat up the party snacks!

This Christmas Oven Pride is encouraging everyone across the UK not to let their oven put them off cooking a full Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings. Whether the oven needs a clean before having friends and family to come and stay, or the festive fare leaves it in need of a scrub – Oven Pride’s quick and easy system is here to make cleaning your oven less of a nightmare this Christmas.

Are you cooking Christmas dinner this Christmas? Is the Sunday roast tradition alive and well in your home? Did you like the video? Share your thoughts with me on a comment, I love hearing from you …

Claire x