Thanks very much to Debenhams for sending me a Teksta T-Rex to review. It is on Lil H’s Christmas wish list and I’ll be honest, it was a toy I was not overly convinced about, so to have the chance to test it out and leave the Β£60 it costs in my bank account was a chance I jumped at.

Teksta T-Rex

Mr L and I loaded the T-Rex up with the necessary 4 AA batteries, making a mental note to refresh the battery stocks ahead of the big day. We turned him on and got set to with putting him through his paces and seeing what this piece of plastic tech can do. I didn’t get much chance to have a go as my tech addicted hubby started challenging the dino to respond to voice, light, sound and hand gestures.

The T-Rex walks, wiggles his hands and tail. He roars and snaps his jaws just like a real T-Rex Dinosaur and when he’s hungry you have to feed him with his dino bone to see his ultimate trick, watch him crunch, munch and launch it away, followed by an almighty burp! It can do over 100 different physical and app-based activities so combined with a tablet or smart phone it has hours of entertainment ahead.Β The T-Rex is more solid and sturdy than I was expecting, I’m not sure I would be as pleased if I had paid full retail price but if you can pick one up on a deal or in the sale you’d be getting a good toy. It’s a pet that doesn’t poop, it gets my thumbs up!

The challenge of being a blogger and a parent with children who have tablets connected to my iTunes and You Tube account means I’ve been unable to create any photos or content of my own as my little ones are avid viewers of this. The smalls haven’t quite reached my blog URL, yet, however please be assured that Mr L and I have spent an evening in with this T-Rex and he’s now been reset, put back in his box and is wrapped up ready to surprise and delight Lil H on Christmas day!