This half term we received a fantastic hamper from Love Brands filled with lots of goodies including Nestle Milky Bar, Smarties, Yorkie, Hartley’s Jelly, Shredded Wheat and Lyon’s Golden Syrup lots to inspire some tasty delights for Halloween and Bonfire night.

First we tackled “Squeamish Squares” which isn’t just for Halloween, it’s a yummy version of Rocky Road so I’ve renamed it “Yorkie Road”. Here’s what you’ll need:

Yorkie Road Ingredients

▪ 75g Shredded Wheat
▪ 3 Yorkie bars
▪ 25g white marshmallows
▪ 100g golden syrup
▪ 1 pack strawberry laces
▪ 1 pack jelly tots
▪ 1 bag Milky bar buttons

Melt the chocolate and the golden syrup in a bowl over boiling water, mix in the shredded wheat, chopped up marshmallows, strawberry laces and jelly tots. Allow to cool in the fridge and chop into square bites. Decorate with dribbles of melted Milky bar buttons if you can wait, or just eat!

Yorkie Road

Next we got crafty with one of our favourite sweeties creating these spooky eight legged creatures out of Smartie tubes and pipecleaners, hanging them in the porch to scare all who dare to knock.

Smartie Spiders

We celebrated Halloween and the end of October half term with friends in Bucks, the joys that await with having older children were never more evident than when 12 year old Daisy knocked up this rather delicious Banoffee Pie whilst creating a rather fab video at the same time. What’s not to love about someone who makes you pie and video content? Mucho love to you Daisy! xx

Next on our to make list to go with the rockets and fireworks are these Carnation toffee apples with bonfire night just two sleeps away.

carnation toffee apples

 What Autumnal treats have you been making and baking at your place? For more inspiration and ideas swing by the Love Brands Facebook page.