I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy, it’s a given. Meeting up is suggested, you intend to check diaries but you’re busy, bouncing from one immediate need to the next. Amongst the chaos dates are pencilled in, then there’s a thing, a sick child, a last minute change of plans, a forgotten thing that was in a diary and not the calendar, something whatever it may be comes up, you’re back where you started and the days, weeks, months, years can pass. Then there are other times, rare times, impromptu times, times when a meet up is suggested and it works. The date, time and place is set, everyone said yes, you’re all busy, everyone just turns up and it’s great.

At the end of half term I headed to London for the Guinness World Records 60th Birthday Party we were going to be in London for just half a day and then heading out to Buckinghamshire. Could IΒ manageΒ to see a couple of pals in the two hours between the event finishing and catching the train? Not if I didn’t ask. So I asked. We’re all working mums with children under 7 years old but we all made it to tea at Frankie and Benny’s.
(Disclaimer: Voucher supplied towards the cost of our meal)

5pm London traffic in a black cab meant me, Lil H and Diva G were fashionably late to arrive, our bad, the fun was in full flow by the time we landed. In fact the junior members of the party were assisting the team with taking orders and overseeing various aspects of the Frankie & Benny’s restaurant at Victoria Place shopping centre. Their first work experience if you will, it made them feel very special indeed and allowed the grown ups the opportunity to sample the wine list (apart from she who won’t be named who was taking “Sober October” far too seriously!) place the dinner orders and embark on a speedy “how are you, what do you know, did you hear, what about x” high speed catch up.

We had a pizza theme around the table followed by ice creams, brownies and pancakes for dessert amongst the juniors and more wine for the mummy’s. As it was half term and almost Halloween the team were in lots of fabulous fancy dress and when all the eating was done we all embarked on the #FrankiesFangs challenge – spooktacular fun – not the best, granted but we enjoyed it!

Frankie & Benny's

The welcome was warm, the restaurant couldn’t have been more family friendly, the service was great, the food was delicious and brilliant value for money. The kids were happy, the mums were happy, it was all good. That’s how I managed to see my cousin the day after she returned from three weeks working in Thailand and my two friends of 20 years to catch up over a glass of wine. Thank you Frankie & Benny’s, a fab time was had by all. We’ll be back soon and will join in with #FBFestive.

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