And… *drum roll* … our planning application is approved *very happy dance*

It took 14 weeks in total from submitting the application and sending off the cheque to decision, most of this time was spent waiting for the application to be registered. Once registered everything went pretty quickly and it was around six weeks from registration to decision.  A round of applause goes to Innex Design, take a bow boys you did good, brilliant in fact!  

So now what?

Once you get planning permission the next question everyone asks you is “So when are you starting work?” Whoa there eager beavers, there is a whole heap of things to do before we can start in earnest in terms of digging foundations, there may be some phasing involved but we need to scope out the scale of the financial outlay and work out the funding. We have three years to start so the answer is in the next 36 months – I won’t be pressed on a date!

Now my head is swimming with how to make it happen – I am starting with a new notebook, obviously! Life is fundamentally just about finding opportunities to buy stationery, no?


Then some lists! I am such a girl!

I want to make a list of what we need to make decisions on, specifying and sourcing – none of this is even close to interior colour schemes or soft furnishings, still focussed on the functional – heating, lighting, glass etc not a cushion in sight … but if there was, just if there was I would pick these cushions coming soon to House of Nostalgia, just saying!


Back to the list of practicalities…

  • Heating – rooms, water, underfloor, boiler, systems, wood burners, options?
  • Lighting – where and what?
  • Power & sockets – where and what? I despise wires and cables!
  • Glass – doors, windows & roofs – I need this to require as little cleaning as possible!
  • Flooring – what will keep the inside & outside connected / seamless?
  • Doors – interior and exterior – open/close and/or sliding doors
  • Room space planning – what’s going where? Especially needed upstairs
  • Staircase – its not moving but its not staying either 😉
  • Phasing – any isolated projects? I want to do as much in one go as possible for minimal disruption

What have I forgotten? What else should be on here?

The big white elephant is of course the money, always the fly in the ointment! This has been made even more tricky by our household income changes that have seen Mr L join me in the land of the self employed. It’s another bridge to cross, we will cross it, when we get there but if anyone has found themselves in similar self employed circumstances and has any advice or recommendations I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

So that’s where we are, approved and working out what we need and how much it will cost – now its all about the detail, specifications and costings. Are you following our build? DO you supply products or services we may need? Get in touch, share your thoughts, experience, advice and lets connect!