There are things I’d like to say. Β I’m straight forward and say it how it is but I do choose my battles. Β My mother always says to have a friend you have to close one eye, to have a good friend close both. Β With this in my mind I have ended up stewing a bit.

I’m frustrated at the moment. Nothing massive, in fact I can’t put my finger on it probably because it’s loads of small “not really important” things individually but all together they are making me grumpy. I feel like I’m inwardly rolling my eyes, tutting or swearing constantly. I feel a bit let down, a bit unappreciated, a bit overlooked, a bit put upon, a bit like I’m tolerating more than I should have to.

It’s stifling me, my blogging, my involvement on Twitter and my enthusiasm overall. I feel a bit like a walking sigh wearing a “FFS are you having a laugh” T-shirt! Yeah exactly, who wants to hang out with her, not me that’s for sure. So with CybHer just two sleeps away I thought I’d do myself a favour, be honest and get it all off my chest. Then I can be reinspired at CybHer and if I’m not maybe my blogging days and / or Cheshire Mum has come to a natural end.

So here in less than 140 characters are the things I need to vent, in no particular order, to a whole myriad of people about a whole variety of “not really important” things …

  • You’re a crap friend
  • You never call me unless you want something
  • You’ve hurt my feelings
  • I don’t work for free, my mortgage company isn’t cool with IOU’s
  • I’m sure you would like me to tell my readers, FB friends, Twitter followers. But why? Why should I?
  • I’m a blogger I’m not short of PR contacts thanks for the offer of an intro to your friend in PR
  • I don’t live in London (anymore)
  • I’ve worked it marketing for over 15 years, I get it ok!
  • Don’t email for something, ask how I am just to get what you want & when I say not great don’t reply
  • I know I said its OK, the truth is that it is not OK or fine and it makes me angry
  • I didn’t have to invite you, but I did go to the effort so the least you could do is acknowledge the invite
  • I was being kind, ignoring me hurts my feelings
  • I think your behaviour is rude
  • If your children have a bug don’t invite us to play date we don’t want to share
  • Sorry, committees are not for me thanks but not thanks
  • Don’t ask for advice if you’re not going to listen I do not need to practice speaking
  • No I don’t want to join your affiliate programme
  • No I don’t have a PPI claim to make STOP CALLING ME!
  • No I’ve not been injured in an accident STOP TEXTING ME!
  • I don’t like you and don’t want to be friends
  • You don’t get me or my life
  • You don’t understand my pressures
  • It’s not my fault you’re not pregnant
  • I resent you making me feel guilty about being a working parent
  • I’m sorry you don’t understand our commitments but it doesn’t change them
  • You are not busier than me, I am not busier than you, the busy Olympics are in your head
  • I would appreciate someone else organising something for once
  • It would make my life easier if you did it yourself
  • How about you book it this time?
  • You make my life difficult so I am making my life without you in it
  • You still owe me twenty quid
  • I know it’s easier to ask me but google is free and the answer is there
  • I need you to respect my other commitments
  • I am pissed off that I’ve dropped of the dieting wagon
  • I hate my body right now

Rant over! Phew! Feels better! Anyone else silently seething?! Don’t stay schtum come on pop your frustration in a comment …