I’m going to CybHer and it starts NOW! So before we get there here’s the traditional pre-conference ‘Meet and greet’, a little ice-breaker ahead of the event. See over on the left I’ve got a new badge too get yours here

So here’s me …

Name: Claire Lancaster aka Cheshire Claire or Cheshire Mum or Clara
Blogs: cheshiremum.co.uk
Twitter ID: @Cheshire_Claire @SocialBoutique_
Height: 5’6″
Hair: mid length & brown with blonde highlights

Five things you should know about me…
1. I have two children, by the time its CybHer my son will be 5 years old and daughter 2.5 years old
2. I like chilli / spicy sauce on my pasta but would prefer pizza
3. I will never say no to a glass of Champagne or a G&T (unless driving!)
4. I am very s l o w l y transforming the house we bought in July 2011
5. I have no patience & want everything yesterday … Why have you not already commented?!

So that’s me! Will I see you there? See me, say Hi, I’ll be pleased to meet you, let’s hang out & have fun!

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