So when Oreo got in touch about their Double Stuff Oreo Lick Race I was really excited – I love Oreo’s its a retro biscuit for me reminds me of my early care free twenties in California, good times.  Oreo is challenging families to upload their attempts to and be in with a chance of winning a VIP family trip to Florida.  So when the double stuff biscuits arrived I thought it would be fun for the whole family to have a go – a rare in front of the camera in full audio visual glory is Cheshire Mum and Family … but before you view let just recap what the lick race is…

Each racer need a glass of milk and an Oreo Cookie, the Lick Race gets two family members (my vlog is probably ineligible due to excessive racers!) competiting to finish their Oreo first by following these six simple steps:

First you twist, then you lick the creme filling, takes a bit of doing with the double filling yum though, then once you have shown the “clean” cookie to your opponent, you dunk it in cold milk. Next you eat the cookie and finally, you drink your milk.

Upload your video before July 31st for a chance to win or if you’d rather be a spectator you can take your chance and enter for daily prizes like a Nintendo Wii just by watching.  Video’s have to be less than 50mb, so far I have managed to get this down to 53mb so I’m yet to enter – if anyone can advise let me know!

So, are you sitting comfortably?  Well let’s begin!  I give you Cheshire Family and the Oreo Lick Race!

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Cheshire Mum was provided with an Oreo Goodie Box including Flip Video Camera but these words and opinions are all mine!