It been a while since I’ve managed to get a post in time for The Gallery, there are many in draft and my head that never got published – bad blogger *slaps own wrists*  This week Tara’s theme  is ‘Your favourite photo. And why.An almost impossible task, quite possibly.

At the moment I am cherishing bedtimes with Lil’ H and reading bedtime stories.  It is (usually) a calm, quiet, cuddly part of the day.  I think it is because for me as a child it was a special time and if I was lucky my Daddy would be home on time.  That is why I have chosen this photo of me and my Daddy having bedtime stories.  It much be circa 1976 as that wallpaper came with a new house and didn’t stay for long!  No idea why – huge patterns in orange and brown are just gorgeous, no?!

Bedtime Storytime circa 1976