When the lovely people at Clarks offered me a voucher for Clarks shoes I can’t lie I was chuffed!  Really chuffed!  There are times when it feels like shoeing a working shire horse would be cheaper than my semi-pro-micro-scooting 3 year old son.  He rarely grows out of his shoes as grind through them using them as a brake to stop his high speed maneuvers! 

I always make sure H has his shoes properly fitted, its something instilled in me from being a child, my mum always had my shoes properly fitted and I now do the same for my children.  I made those ten tiny toes on H’s feet and I’d like them to grow how they are meant to so whilst the rate of shoe consumption is high due to the Y chromosome and its need for speed, or rather need to brake, a cheaper alternative is not an option.  I made the toes which are still forming the bones and will continue to do so right through til H is in his teens so til then I own those toes!

I wanted H to have some new shoes to start his new pre-school and also for our hols at the beginning of September, our requirements velcro fastenings (hoping one day he will do it himself!) and a tough toe / braking zone!  I know Clarks can order anything in and they arrive in store within a week I’d had a browse online but luckily for us they had all the styles in H’s size – result!  My heart did sink as I took a ticket seeing that there were five ahead of us but the reality was we were seen, measured, fitted and paying within 20 minutes.  I must thank the super lovely Janine who fitted H.  Clarks have gone all 21st Century with a 3D laser measuring machine which I love and also a Facebook page!  That said I still have a soft spot for the old school manual foot tape measure/slide, there is something weirdly nostalgic about it!

Clarks’s Mud Mover which he can be seen wearing above, fitted the best which was lucky as these were his favourites mainly due to the digger on the velcro fastening.  The old pair were added to the recycling bin which will donate a pencil and exercise book for a child in a developing country which means they didn’t come home and I didn’t hang onto them “just in case” like I have done with so many other pairs – why?  Why I do this I have no idea!

I have a second pair of feet belonging to Baby G soon requiring shoes, she’s not quite there yet on the walking front but not far away, so Baby G will be next down to Clarks sometimes between now and Christmas I expect for her first shoes.  So what do you think?  Is the school shoe run a pain or a pleasure in your home?  Do you too keep grown out of shoes “just in case”?  Come on over and share your thoughts.