Mr L is working in London village for 5 weeks including weekends, pre-school is out leaving me solo with Lil H and Baby G. The first three days went pretty well, a planned combination of holiday classes, play dates and activities. Day four following a bad night with Baby G of no defined cause so I’m blaming teeth, but of course! The day started early due to a massive storm/downpour just before 6am which woke all of us. Lancaster 0, Rest of the world 1.

So mother nature took the first shot and the day went downhill from there. I then downloaded the photos of H’s sports day. This I did but my attempt to copy them on to DVD saw them disappear a matter of seconds after I had deleted them from the camera. Lancaster 0, Rest of the world 2, Swear words several.

Agitated, frustrated, cross about the pics our day continued pretty uneventfully. I was looking forward to the pre-school mums end of year soirée. Here comes the finale.

Rushing to get out the door on time I went to iron my favourite White top on the bedroom floor faster than getting the ironing board. Mistake, big mistake. I ironed across my shirt and the carpet not realising I’d first ironed across the black plastic cable of my hair straighteners.

Day four began too early and ended with no sports day photos, my top – ruined, bedroom carpet – ruined, hair straighteners – history, iron – in the bin! Lancaster 0, Rest of the world 6, Swear words – hundreds, wine consumed – excessive!

We all have days like this right?! Please lie to me if not it will make me feel better!