I am continuing on my quest to notice the small, simple and mostly overlooked things that are great in life.  So far this year I have reminded myself how great it is driving solo and H has enjoyed me allowing mess for once!  I thought Baby G would be contributing to this series by bringing lots of simple pleasures rather than having her own given her world is all about milk & sleep but I was wrong. 

Super cheap baby entertainment!

Yesterday we looped a helium balloon round her leg and then  moved it to her arm too, she moved, the balloon moved, she smiled & wriggled, the balloon moved some more, this she thought was brilliant & squealed & wriggled more, the balloon bobbed down towards her and this carried on for a good 40 mins til she’d over done herself with excitement and had to have a nap!  Bless her.  We did this with Lil’ H but I’d forgotten how gorgeous watching babies discovering making things happen is.