We are all aware of the environmental impact our decisions have, but often it can feel like an effort to make changes. It’s easy to stick with what we know and do things the way we have always done, but with global warming affecting us all and pollution affecting health, more of us are aware that it is time to adapt our behaviour. Here are five little changes that can make a substantial difference to our planet.


Sustainability is a real issue we need to tackle, and with limited resources, the best way we can do this is to recycle. Whether this means repurposing items you already have (upcycling a piece of furniture, for example) or putting that empty wine bottle in the glass recycling, if we all waste less and recycle more, we can change the world for the better.


We all travel more than previous generations with everything from foreign holidays to longer work commutes contributing to our carbon footprint. Walking for short trips is best but what about for those journeys where you need the car? Consider electric car leasing to reduce your impact on the environment. With the friendly advice and information you can find at ElectriX in their ultimate guide, you can decide whether leasing an electric car will be a switch your family can make.

Food Awareness

What we eat has implications for the environment with advocates of vegetarianism and veganism keen to state the impact farming has. If you are not ready to make the leap to a meat-free diet, Meat-Free Mondays can be a fantastic way to challenge yourself. With many popular meals having meat-free versions you don’t need to miss out by going plant-based – plus many classic family favourites such as jacket potato with cheese and beans or salad in wraps are already meat-free. If you don’t have time to prepare food from scratch, many supermarkets have a wide selection of options ready to microwave or oven-cook.


Taking a shower rather than having a bath uses less water, so why not switch out your soak for a revitalising shower instead? If you want to explore more sustainable options in your hygiene routine, you could do some simple swaps that will benefit both you and the planet. Instead of single-use face wipes, invest in reusable, washable pads to remove your makeup. Period pants are another easy way to reduce waste and with research suggesting the average menstruator uses almost 17,000 pads or tampons during their lifetime it is a switch that will make a huge difference.

Water Bottles

Remembering to carry a water bottle is a habit we should all try and get into. Not only is it better for the planet than single-use bottles, but staying hydrated also has health and cognitive benefits that impact on happiness, productivity and will keep you functioning at your highest level. It’s a win-win!

For many of us, making a difference is as simple as changing our habits. If we all take small steps to care for our world, we will leave it a better place for future generations.