Not every mother wants to have a ‘mum mobile’, aka a ‘mummy bus’, or a car that is perfect for family and children, but they are certainly very useful. It can be a great experience to have one and can make children’s association with cars good, even if the journeys are boring. You need the right vehicle to captivate their little minds and to make sure that you are fully prepared for days out. Not only that, but you can also do some things to ensure your car stands out from the crowd, so you are easy to spot when they are trying to find your vehicle at school and club pick-ups.


First off, you are going to need to make your car yours. Your kids need to be able to see your car in a car park filled with the same models and know your car’s number plate. Having a ‘mum mobile’ isn’t just about making things fun for the kids, it is so your car is identifiable and therefore a lot safer for your kids and your kids’ friends.

By looking into the types of number plates cherished by car owners, you can make the most of having fun with your car and give it a personal touch at the same time. This can make your vehicle recognisable to those that need to see it, whether your child can’t find you but can distinctly see your car or for teachers at collection time to know that you are a familiar face and can be trusted. 

Family-friendly and fun

You’ll also want to make your car family-friendly and fun. There is no point in having a car that can carry all of your kids and their friends without being able to make them feel comfortable and safe. If your kids like monsters, get some monster seat covers to designate where people sit. If your kids like totally different things, design their areas of the car to fit their interests. This can not only be fun for you, but it can also keep your children entertained on longer journeys to see grandparents, going on holidays and even just trips to the supermarket (which you know they ‘love’).

Essentials that you need

You are also going to need some essentials in your ‘mum mobile’. Every sensible mother has at least a few provisional supplies for kids of all ages, such as pain killers for those that struggle with headaches, bandages and plasters for little cuts and bruises and antiseptic wipes for those nastier cuts.

But you might need a little bit more than this for a family. Extra food, such as items that can stay fresh for long periods of time, water bottles filled with fresh, clean water, spare change and extra hats and changes of clothing just in case an accident happens. You need to be fully prepared. You might also find it useful to have a spare phone in case of emergency, one that won’t run out of charge too easily and is for emergencies only.