We’re all spending more time at home than normal and when the weather isn’t on your side, the idea of the entire family stuck indoors can quickly become overwhelming. We know that sitting the kids in front of screens will keep them occupied, but it’s not always the best choice for their well-being. As well as this, asking them to participate in homework and learning activities won’t keep them busy all day.

Keeping everyone occupied, isn’t just about keeping the kids out from under your feet for a few hours, it’s about enjoying more time together as a family and making the best out of your current situation. Below, I’ve gathered some effortless home-based activities that will keep everyone occupied – at least until the weather improves!

Learn about something new

Ok, so we know that getting the kids to settle down to do their schoolwork isn’t exactly easy, but when you set a task-based around their hobbies, favourite TV show or topic, then you can keep them busy for hours. All you need is some stationery, access to a printer and plenty of ink (you’ll find a great range of HP printer ink here, just click the link). You can set them this task to complete independently or you can tackle the project together. This will not only keep them busy but help them to work on their research and IT skills.

Having a good supply of ink will always come in handy, whether you’re printing off colouring pages for your younger children, resources for work, or the kids’ school work. There’s nothing more frustrating than running low on ink, so stock up now.

Break out the board games

There’s nothing that will kill an hour quicker than a fun board game with the kids. To make this even more exciting, consider having a board game tournament and keeping track of who wins the most games.

Try an indoor workout

Are you getting enough exercise? What about the kids? You don’t have to go for a jog around the park to get those steps in. Even if the weather is poor, try putting together an exercise routine for you and the kids to try in the living room. You’ll find plenty of options on YouTube, or you can even put on your favourite family playlist and burn off some energy dancing!

Arts and crafts

A firm family favourite and you don’t need endless supplies of arts and crafts materials to make this activity worthwhile. Any old recycling will do – some colouring pens, paints and glue are all you need.

And finally, get to know some four-legged friends

Zoos and family farm parks might be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see what the animals get up to! Many zoos have live streams into enclosures and pens, so the public can catch a glimpse of them going about their daily routine. From meerkats to marmosets or lions to leopards – watching these live feeds is a great way to spend an afternoon!