Congratulations! Now you have the keys to your new pad it’s time to create that welcome home feeling when you step through your front door. Here are my tips to make a new home your own; simple ways, accessories and furnishings that will bring your personality to your living space without breaking the bank.

Invest in versatile pieces
Following the costs of buying and moving you may not have the budget you’d like to buy all new high quality items. Investing in versatile foundation pieces that will work anywhere will save you money in the long run, because you’ll only have to buy once.

A single interesting chair will cost you very little compared to a set of four, six or eight. Choose a lovely shape and use it as a side table against a wall as well as an occasional chair anywhere in your home.

Every home needs to have at least one … if not many footstools! They can be used as nightstands, side tables, or spare seating, and you can even group a few together as a makeshift coffee table.

Ardleigh Milking FootstoolImage: Ardleigh Milking Stool, £95.00 LionsHome 

LANGLEY Cotton FootstoolImage: Langley Cotton Stool £275.00 LionsHome 

Trunks are the grand daddy of storage solutions however their use in the home goes way beyond storage. They look fabulous at the foot of a bed as well as moonlighting as a bench, a side table next to a sofa, a coffee table in a living room or as a nightstand beside a bed. Storage trunks always provide an extra place to tidy away stuff and clutter – result!Torino Storage TrunkImage: Torino trunk, £147.99 LionsHome 

The right lighting
Lighting is one of the most important elements in a home, it is the quickest way to change the feeling of a room. Extend your lighting from overhead lights to include lamps at different levels to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. For some time I have lusted after and finally invested in this VITA EOS feather shade – I know it’s a thing of beauty!

Image: VITA Eos Feather Pendant Shade, from £49.99 Black By Design 

Display art
Whether you have posters, prints or postcards, whatever your choice of art be sure to get it out of the box, up off the floor and on the walls where it belongs. Artwork adds a different dimension to your walls — it adds colour and interest. Non-traditional objects can also work just as well – a framed marathon number, stamp collection, special clothing and shoes can all reflect your personality. Hang your chosen pieces at eye level for maximum impact – this will vary from room to room depending on whether your room is going to be used mostly for walking through or sitting, hang your art lower to keep it at eye level in the living room for example.

Picture Frame Canvas copyImage: Wall Picture Frame Creative Collage, £39.99 LionsHome  

Window dressings and coverings
Try out roller blinds for a contemporary solution that works with most rooms, consider Twilight Blinds to help manage light whilst retaining privacy. When it comes to creating that all important peaceful bedroom Duette® blinds will ensure a cool, quiet and dark haven for an undisturbed night’s sleep.


Image: Semi sheer or blackout blinds from Duette® blinds 

Buy rugs
Rugs are a talented addition to any room. A good rug can add colour, texture, warmth and style to your home. When it comes to choosing your rug always err on the side of too big rather than too small, furniture can be placed on top of a larger rug, too small and you’ll have a trip hazard. Cooking and dining spaces demand flat weave or short-pile rugs, thick fluffy rugs are the choice for lounges and bedrooms. My latest rug purchase embraced green being colour of the year!

N E W S O F A !

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Image: Campari rug by Flair Rugs

Bring colour into your home
A feature wall remains on-trend and an easy way to add a colourful statement when you don’t have the budget or the time to completely redecorate. Change just one wall in a room and achieve a low cost, low effort but high impact transformation in any room in your home. Bring focus, colour, texture and personality with either paint or wallpaper. Digital wallpaper has step changed the options for feature walls like this Bookshelf wallpaper to create an awesome feature wall that would look great in a study, office or playroom.

White Bookshelf Wallpaper (1)Image: White Bookshelf Wallpaper – £70.00,  IN-SPACES 

Extend invitations
The memories you create while living in your home are the most important thing. Never mind the unpacked boxes, open your doors to others, invite your friends and family to share your space and let the memory making commence.