Have you discovered Num Noms yet? We were late to the party when they launched earlier this year. The delicious, stackable and totally wacky collectables that are Num Noms caused quite a frenzy and sold out globally! Now Num Noms are back on the shelves with even more tasty flavours.

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Fans of Num Noms can now add to their collections with savory flavours inspired by brunch dishes, such as Becca Bacon, delicious pizza flavours including Mozza Rella, sophisticated sushi snacks and yummy dinner foods. Plus, there are even more tasty sweet flavours inspired by fairground foods, freezie pops cupcakes and ice creams!

Little girls love them but what actually are they? The Num is a squishy cap or top that sit on top of the Nom. The Noms are are either motorized (called Go-Gos), a lip balm pot (called Gloss-Ups), a mini-stampers (called Stamp-Its), or erasers (called Erase-Its). Collect them all and stack them high! There are now 5000+ mix and match combos that you can make!

Uniquely scented, each Num and Nom character is full of surprises. Nums are the outer, soft squishy, hollow characters that nestle on top of Noms, which are either fun scented stamps, motorized, lovely lip glosses or a funky eraser. With over 5,000 mix and match combinations, children can play chef and create wacky combos. How about a blueberry, banana, pancake – yum! Or some Wasabi ice cream – yuck!

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Here’s my favourite junior You Tube star(I’m biased I’m her mum!) to unbox and tell you all about the starter pack and two blinds we were sent.

Num Noms Series 2 is for children aged 3+ and will be available at all good toy retailers from July 2016.

For more information, visit www.numnoms.com