I love flowers. They make me happy. Like books, for me flowers make a home. So when HomeSense asked me to visit their new Faux Flower market I was interested to see what was there but at the same time my jury was out. I’ve simply never found faux flowers to be delicate or subtle enough in their shades to be completely convincing. I’ve always found faux flowers to be lovely but the faux is not really a secret and those blooms that were really convincing were incredibly expensive.

The Faux Flower Market at HomeSense is a joy of great value, delicate petals, soft shades and blooms of tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, orchids, tall stems, short stems and every shape and size of vase to hold them in.

HomeSense Faux Flower Market2

I am a big fan of green and white colours with flowers and these Vintage Roses, Gypsophila and Hydrangeas were stunning.

HomeSense Faux Flower Market4

HomeSense Faux Flower Market5

The pink Peonies are a real statement bloom. Love them.

HomeSense Faux Flower Market1

HomeSense Faux Flower Market8

For me all year round flowers make the best choices for a faux bloom – these roses came home with me for a great value £9.99. I also picked up a small white orchid for £5.99 and have since since an identical one in John Lewis for £25!

HomeSense Faux Flower Market6

Here is some more pink and green loveliness this time in hydrangea flowers.

HomeSense Faux Flower Market7

Florals are a never ending interior home trend – are you a flower fan? Do you fake it between bouquets? I didn’t before, but I do now!

HomeSense Faux Flower Market10