We’ve been to Pizza Express before but not for a while and after a lovely half term week I fancied closing the kitchen and having dinner out so we were delighted to have been invited by Pizza Express to enjoy the new fun-packed Paddington experience at our local Pizza Express in Wilmslow.

The restaurant was busy with lots of families on Friday evening, I always find it more relaxing to know we’re in a family friendly environment and one where I can feed the family and not then have to tidy the kitchen and get a glass of wine is a bonus! I really like the open kitchen at Pizza Express, there’s something reassuring about the quality of the kitchen and freshness of the ingredients and food sharing the full process with all customers.

The kids ordered from the Piccolo menu having dough balls with cucumber and Salad to start, followed by their choice of pizza or pasta dishes and dessert and Bambinoccino. Mr L and I both ordered Romana Pizzas, Il Padrino with a side of polenta chips for him and a hot and spicy Etna with a side of coleslaw for me. Orders placed and drinks arrived the Mr H and Diva G focussed on the activity sheets. There was plenty to keep H aged 7 and G aged 5 occupied drawing, colouring, word searching and puzzling.


The dough balls landed, were split and spread with garlic butter and quickly eaten up. Our main courses arrived and our Romana pizzas were so much bigger than the Pizza Express pizzas I recall from previous visits, thinner, crisper and certainly my pizza of choice now. Diva G enjoyed pasta and Mr H pizza and then returned to drawing their Paddington competition entries having ordered our desserts. A lovely vanilla cheesecake, Tiramisu, chocolate brownie and ice-cream sundae arrived, followed by a coffee to wrap up a lovely family supper out.

Thanks very much for having us for dinner Pizza Express we were very well looked after, the food was great, Mr H and Diva G loved the activity sheets it kept them occupied for the whole meal, we all had a great time!

Pizza Express Review