I love it when the knock on the door is a flower delivery and quite frankly it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like! So when Appleyard Flowers asked if I’d like to receive a delivery of their latest Christmas flowers I didn’t hesitate, although it did take me a while to choose from all their beautiful bouquets.

I was torn between the Hot Toddy as I’m a big fan of grand prix roses …

Hot Toddy

Or the simplicity of white roses with hypericum berries and gold cinerea eucalyptus in the Gold Leaf boutique.


But it was the colour ways of the roses nestled between glossy red berries and blue veronica of the Rose Envy bouquet that swung it for me.

Rose Envy

The knock on the door delivered a tall grey box, inside the blooms looked just like the photo on their website. How exciting, although I reserved judgement as too often have I started to unwrap a bouquet to have one or more heads snapped off in transit and left behind. No such disappointments here, the bouquet was further wrapped in bubble wrap and the stems keep the blooms fully watered.

Flower Delivery

I’ve throughly enjoyed these flowers for two weeks now here’s them at their best.

Rose Envy

If you’d like to treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful bouquet head to www.appleyardflowers.com and use the discount code below to get 40% off their entire range (excluding flowers by post).

Use Discount Code:  BLOG40