It only took the lions share of two years to get booked in for a child free stay at fab boutique hotel, Fishmore Hall in Shropshire. This was Mr L’s Birthday gift from his parents in 2012 but that’s where I’ve just returned from a lovely mini break away. I’m always on the hunt these days for ideas I’d like to bring to our home and there were a few I spotted this weekend.

I miss my beautiful bathrooms from our old house. I look forward to staying at friends or in hotels to have a bath or shower in a nice bathroom – even the Travelodge at London City Airport is much nicer than what is on offer at my home. I won’t lie. It definitely gets me down. I loved this weekends bathtub and I was surprised as it looked a bit square and angular but it was really comfy and I thoroughly enjoyed my soak!
Floor joining strips
There was also a really neat approach to managing the tiled bathroom floor meets bedroom carpet challenge. Handled fabulously with a complementary strip of granite stone allowing both floorings to be neatly finished beneath. That works, I like it!
I’m definitely a ceiling spot light fan with room lamps to create atmosphere, but sometimes central and wall lights work too. A single style throughout was really impactful and at Fishmore Hall they had these rather fab contemporary crystal fittings that looked great and really created a consistent look and feel whilst allowing different spaces to be used for different purposes.
They created fab reflections too, look:
Current house build status, with planning permission, without funds, saving and idea collection in progress!