I always have and I always will.

Notebooks, pencils, pens, pencil cases and all things vaguely associated.  This includes, but understand this is not a complete list – rubbers, rulers, sharpeners, stickers, stamper type thingies, ribbons and sticky tape.  This is a passion which it would appear to be recessively carried on the X gene as it is a passion only girls have.  Both my daughter and I most certainly have it.  We both “oohed and ahed” as I opened the box sent to me by memoetc full of brightly coloured goodies perfect for making lists on, in and with because we all know lists make the world go round, yes?


Not only did my stationery goodies look great and do a fine job of making lists they all had “been here before” been made of recycled materials.  Their previous lives were a little less conventional the ruler and biodegradable pens being made from corn on the cob, a pencil case made from a car tyre, a notebook made of recycled leather and coloured pencils made from recycled CD cases.

They have all been very useful in the last few weeks as Diva G turned 4 years old yesterday which has required party planning lists, present lists, food shopping lists, thank you letter lists and not breaking for breath we are on to Halloween related lists and I am so so ready.  Armed with my pens (formally a corn on the cob) and my notebooks (recycled leather) I will list my way through Halloween, Bonfire night, my fortieth and Christmas, Christmas I will list to within an inch of your expensive fortnight-ness!   Bring it!

If like me you like all things stationery from printer ink cartridges, paper, notebooks, pens and everything in between swing by http://www.memoetc.co.uk/ their prices are great and as are their reviews.

I say Memoetc are worth a look!