The movie that dominated the award ceremonies on both sides of the Atlantic this year was the curiously named Argo.  The title doesn’t give anything away and neither will this review in terms of spoilers but the hype and accolades are well deserved.  We watched Argo (DVD + UV Copy) last night with friends visiting for the weekend and all really enjoyed it.

Argo is a a tense watch, you need to pay attention but listen to the dialogue to follow a great story that will have you gripped.  It is not the sort of film that you can half watch, put your phone / tablet down and pay attention because it is worth it and also your husband will get seriously irritable if you require him to fill in the blanks whilst you were gassing with your pal forcing him to go back 10 minutes to re-watch part of the movie.  I speak from personal experience!

The movie is based on real events in 1979 during the Iran hostage crisis where the CIA and Hollywood came together to save the day and the lives of six hostages.  A situation that went unknown for many years until it was declassified many years later.  Academy Award® winner Ben Affleck directs and stars in the film sporting some rather fabulous 1970’s facial hair – think Bee Gees!  He wears it well!  I also loved the catch phrase from the movie, well phrased swear words always make me smile.

Thank you Warner Bros. Pictures for sending us the Argo (DVD + UV Copy) we never made it to the cinema to see Argo and really enjoyed the movie which it out now on DVD to buy, rent, view.