We don’t have any pets. It’s not that we don’t like animals, we do. It’s not that we didn’t have pets in our own childhood, we did. It’s that would be another commitment in a household where the two adults are already overloaded. And then some!

So you can imagine how my heart sunk when Lil H asked in mid-December for a pet for Christmas. Absolutely not felt harsh, so I blamed the bearded one and said that he hadn’t asked Father Christmas for a pet so he’ll probably have arranged Star Wars goodies like Lil H had asked him. I kept thinking about the pet thing, feels selfish, but my life has involved a lot of other peoples pooh for almost five years that I can’t face another poohing thing in my world. I think that’s fair enough to be honest!

Lil H did get a pet for Christmas though, he got a My Pet Firefly it’s really a rather sweet bug in a jar – he makes a light tapping when he’s flying about when you tap the jar and waken him, I video’d him for you here:

My Pet Firefly makes no mess, I dust him from time to time and H thinks he has a pet. Big. Fat. Tick.  On Friday Lil H’s My Pet Firefly is going to school for show and tell, I hope he has a great day, I am sure he will be a big hit!

 Thank you to www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk for sending us My Pet Firefly to review he’s a hassle free addition to the Lancaster family!

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