When I was a little girl I had a nightlight. It was china, a woodland scene with little mice who’d set up life at the bottom of a tree. I don’t know what happened to it, neither does my mum, it would have been lovely to still have it but we don’t.

Night lights. We’ve had a few! Some stopped recharging, some don’t stay lit all night, others didn’t give off enough light or too much light or the chosen character was grown out of as new favourites become flavour of the month. I’ve struggled to find the right thing for my daughter because I’ve hankered after something like I remembered. We’re at the stage where Diva G mostly sleeps well but needs some comfort going off and sometimes waking early she needs “mummy”. So I was beyond excited when White Rabbit England sent me Rabbit Cottage nightlight. The low level light the cottage emits doesn’t light her room but it makes her room not dark. That seems to be reassuring and whilst she still sometimes wakes early it soothes her, stops her being unsure or disorientated and she sings, talks, plays with her toys and then nods back off to sleep.

White Rabbit England is a local business to me in Wilmslow, Cheshire. When the nightlight arrived in December I have to confess I claimed it! It felt too pretty not to all enjoy it in the living room over Christmas. We had so many comments about it too, so many people with memories of their own night light. Next Christmas my daughter will not be willing to relocate her nightlight so we might just have to invest in the Christmas Tree from White Rabbit England.

Rabbit Cottage nightlight is just devine, made of bone china and hand painted it is the epitome of pretty. It casts a beautiful glow from its little heart windows and even the light on the wall is heart shaped from a certain angle. The Rabbit Cottage nightlight is available for £49 from White Rabbit England delivered free in UK and is extremely well packaged to ensure it arrives perfectly pretty. It’s an heirloom purchase, a light of a lifetime and no question this would make a beautiful Christening, Naming Day or new baby gift.


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