I am a mum, I work, I also happen to blog.  I work in marketing and have done for over, shhh, 15 years – but I look a lot younger – honest!  I’ve been working with Princes and lots of lovely bloggers on their latest campaign reminding you, your neighbour, your friends and the world that their canned fruit products are great at breakfast.  We created a fabulous breakfast goodie box and there is one for you my lovely readers – lots of opportunities to enter too with my new sparkly Rafflecopter gizmo but first check out what everyone else wrote and made with their Princes Breakfast Boxes.

First post into my reader when the boxes started to land was from Mummy Space, followed by Nicki from Curly and Candid created a fab photo galley.  From Yorkshire the breakfast box headed South to Katie and the Kids where they gave breakfast the Princes overhaul then out to the Seasider in the City had the most competition entries (so far!) and Susan K Mann put the boxes through the challenges of a working mum and made loads including the Princes Peaches & Cream Fairy WingsScottish Mum , Mellow Mummy and Kat from Housewife Confidential all made muffins – these have been very popular both made with canned peach and pear slices here’s the Princes muffin recipe.   Topping the breakfast heart monitor challenge on the morning of the Mad’s was Kate over at The Five F’s and managing every morning with five children was Nova over at Cherished by Me, also Thinly Spread, see what I did there, was Christine and her brood enjoying the fruit straight up as it comes.  Mrs M, Mummys Little Monkey  and Freckles Family all gave Princes Fruit for breakfast a whirl. Also trying it and liking it were White Lily Green, Mummy Musings and Princes Breakfast was enjoyed in Kels Hiding Place.  Flying the economic flag was Cass at Frugal Family creating a fabulous Peach Cobbler, Nova’s Pear Golden Syrup  Microwave Cake is on my wish list to try too.  Nickie from I am Typecast and Amy from and 1 more means 5 spent the day in a radio studio being interviewed about the stresses at breakfast time for mums.  The results from the heart monitor tests undertaken by our bloggers showed that during the morning shift, some mums experienced a heart rate of more than 170 – that’s the equivalent to a long run – the mystery as to the whereabouts of my size 6 body continues!  As Amy , who is a massive pancake fan, pointed out during the radio day who really knows how to cut open a pineapple, and who could really eat a whole one?  Princes canned pineapple is a favourite here at Villa Lancaster as pizza topping and also in sweet and sour.

As you can see there is loads you can make and enjoy with a fruity Breakfast Box from Princes, to be in with a chance of winning one just enter the competition below which will run for a week.  A BIG thank you from me, the PR agency and Princes to all the bloggers for their posts, photo’s, tweets and all their readers for all your entries.  You can get more information and recipe inspirations head over at the Princes website http://www.princes.co.uk/